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“Red Sun is completely original, and refreshing in its lack of commercialism. Helen America created this art because she had to, not because she wants to be anything to anyone, and it’s remarkable… The world should be grateful that artists like Helen America still have the discipline to create without the distractions of the digital age.”


  • Emily Manke, The Sesh


“‘Dynamite’ is an energetic, unexpected glance into the strange and intriguing world of Helen America, supported by ukulele, a surprising chord progression, and of course, her signature vocal style. Lyrically, the new single is whimsical, while allowing dark undertones to peek through the cracks in the carousel-gone-folk instrumentals, peppered with clever rhyming schemes and allusions to various works of literature… unapologetic, infectious, and above all, one-of-a-kind.”


  • Alternative Sound


““Red Sun” is the most musically expressive and conceptually expansive thing she’s ever done, combining art and music and storytelling… Her ethereal vocals are a perfect match for the uptempo acoustic guitar that pushes the beautiful song [‘We Are All Mice’] along, while the string section sends the message home.”


  • Northwest Music Scene


“A sampling of her stuff illuminates a unified yet fairly diverse aesthetic… [the visual art of Red Sun] reminds me a little at times of Henry Darger, but more psychedelically macabre… It’s all pretty impressive, enhancing a musical approach that radiates as indie/freak folk at its core but hearty, with numerous examples of rocking out, also indie-derived as the roots reach back to Patti. Instrumentally, a solid violin/ cello bedrock deepens the strum as accordion and bagpipes widen the landscape.”


  • The Vinyl District (Joseph Neff)


“...The musical styles vary greatly, her vocals adding consistent order, the lyrics often demanding your attention… with vividly political art-songs and deeply personal dissections of self, Red Sun is visually arresting and a gorgeous listening experience, a portal to a strange and compelling world.”


  • Beehive Candy

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